A Lesson From Leaves

A Lesson From Leaves

The first leaf-raking day of the season was today; at least, at my house it was.  And after I placed the first bag at the curb, I immediately thought 'I need to hurry to place another full bag next to it, before a gust of wind comes along and blows it over.'  And that took my thoughts to how much better the world is when we stand together to prop each other up, and how as a group, we are much more impervious to the winds of heartache, struggle, grief, and loneliness when we have friends stepping in to support us.

Even during a pandemic, when standing next to someone can be dangerous to everyone’s health, there are ways we can prop each other up:  a kind word, even if it’s just ‘hello’; a kind gesture like opening a door for someone or letting someone cut in front of you in line at the post office or grocery; a phone call to let a friend know we are thinking of them; a handwritten note card for no reason in particular other than to brighten someone’s day. 

Kindness and compassion can improve someone’s outlook and attitude, and in so doing, our own outlook improves as well.  The adage by Saint Francis is true, “For it is in giving that we receive…” 

How can you prop someone up during this time?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Who are you thankful for?  When will you tell them?  When we are left alone, we are much more prone to topple over.  When there are friends and loved ones propping us up, even when we’re 6 feet apart, it is much easier to stand tall against the challenges we all face.


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